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1970 Graduating from Tokyo Technical School of Photography, worked at Roppongi Studio
1975 Worked as a free lance photographer
1988~95 Travel around in China
1994 Collection of Photographs; 3P” published by Doumeisha
1996 Collection of Photographs: “My Shangri-La”published by Hirakawa
1997 “My Shangri-La” Selected by New York ADC International Exhibition
1998 “My Shangri-La” Exhibition at Vues Dailleurs Gallery in Paris
1997~02 Travel around South Pacific and Patagonia to look for islands mentioned in “Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” and “Deux Ans de Vacances”
2000~01 Weekly Takarajima “Islands That A Spell Had Been Cast On” Series, Photos/Writings published by Takarajima
2002 “Cosmo Tree” Exhibition at Belgium Embassy in Tokyo
2009 Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary of Birth by Mississippi Tourism Association
2010 Covering Angkor Wat
2016 “Fusuma Photography-Synthesis” Exhibition at iPPodo Gallery in Tokyo-New York
ippodo gallery NewYor - http://www.ippodogallery.com/detail.php?id=3275
ippodo gallery blog - http://www.ippodogallery.com/blog/
ippodo gallery Tokyo Ginza- http://www.planup.co.jp/?act=ex&op=detail&eid=184&rstr=1004117991
2017 Fusuma Photography “ Exhibition at Tokyo American Club in Tokyo
Major Works at Present: Portrait of mainly Well-known Writers, Presidents, Scholars World Celebrities: Madonna, Glenn Close, Boz Scaggs, Hall & Oates, Richard Gere, Richard Branson, Jeffrey Archer, Cong Li, Morgan Freeman, Alain Dominique Perrin (former President of Cartier), Jacues Jean Delos, Dalai Lama, Imelda Marcos, Franklin Covey, and othersJapanese Celebrities: Writers, Scientists, Journalists, Businessmen such as:Married, wife and 4 cats
Kenji Wakasugi Official Site: http://www.kenjiwakasugi.com